Who is Personal Public?


Personal Public is an Alternative Electro-Rock band from Columbus, Ohio. The band was originally formed in the summer of 2012 by high school friends Tony Herrmann and Jordan McVey, but as musical aspirations and tastes began to shift and evolve, the two knew they would need to add members. Fast forward to the winter of 2014 when a chance encounter on the website craigslist would lead Herrmann and McVey to find Cody Contner, a new resident of the Columbus area whom would soon become the bands guitarist and lead singer. After a couple of months writing and recording as a three-piece, Herrmann, McVey, and Contner would befriend an intern at the studio they were recording in named Myles Claybourne. The intern was an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist whom would fit the bassist position in the band perfectly. Slowly but surely, over a span of three months and with lots of questioning involved, they finally convinced Claybourne to join the group. Finally, in the autumn of 2014, the band would finish their very first EP release titled "Out of the Blue" and have since played shows all over their hometown of Columbus and in surrounding areas at venues such as Scarlet & Grey cafe, King Ave. Five, Skully's Music diner, and the Newport Music hall.