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Play it simple

Blackjack may be the definitive ‘game of the pro’s’ – but that doesn’t mean it’s a complex game at heart. In fact, the ‘blackjack basics’ rank as some of the simplest rules in existence.

  • The dealer shoots out 2 cards for you and themselves (with one face-up dealer card)
  • It’s your choice to Hit for another card, or Stand
  • Keep hitting until you’ve build a hand value as close to 21 as you can, without busting by over-shooting!

With these basics at your fingertips, you can walk into any casino in the world and get gaming – but you’ll soon want to crank-up the fun and win potential with blackjack’s awesome betting features.

Power-up your blackjack

Double down betting – simply the coolest bet in the casino world, the double down lets you analyse the potential of your hand, before you make a big bet! Following the initial deal, click double down instantly increases your wager by 100%, hands you one more card and automatically stands your hand. Doubling-down is the perfect way to smash the house, boost the excitement and if you have the skill or strategy…get a smart edge!

Spilt wagering

How about hitting the dealer with not one – but two winning hands! That’s the power of the Split bet, instantly creating two hands from a pair, with separate bets. Skilled split betters can almost guarantee at least one successful hand!

Insurance betting

Beating the dealer has never been sneakier than the insurance bet – the move that pays out when you successfully predict the dealer will turn his hot card into blackjack 21! Played in the casinos of Las Vegas, good insurance bets make the dealers cringe – but you’ll enjoy it just as much on the web!

Simple strategic moves

Blackjack card counting is the amazing casinos skill that is the number one, guaranteed way to beat the house in the long-term – scooping millions from the jaws of Sin City, through the years. However, card counting in web casinos isn’t a hot option, particularly for casual gamers.

However, strategic blackjack gaming most certainly is, and the good news is it’s much easier – meaning even novices can instantly play with logic, boosting the fun and potential payouts. Check out this famous blackjack double down strategy, and give it a try when you hit the casinos…….

Double-wager in the following situations:

    • The dealer’s face card is 4, 5 or 6 and your 2 card hand equals 10 or 11
    • The houses’ face card is between 3 and 6 and your combo has an Ace and a numbered card

Hold in the following hands:

If the face-up house card is a 10 or a face

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