Top Online Blackjack Hints and Tips

Getting back to basics with your blackjack is the easy way to ensure intrinsic fun, classic gaming refinement and power against the mean-faced dealer. Check out the four tips for success and get ‘blackjack to basics’.

Play the basics

The number one tip for building a strong blackjack base is to play with basic strategy (the simple statistical rules that help you split, double, hit and stand at the ideal times). The full basic blackjack rules (charts are easily obtainable to print off via the web) can help you limit the casino’s edge to something in the region of 0.5%. However, for a quick-start taster, try using the 4 simple tips below to game with a casino edge of around 1.5 percent.

Blackjack Hint 1. Hit until you hand is 17+, or soft 18, and the house has 7+
Blackjack Hint 2. If the casino up-card is 6<, hit until your cards score 12+
Blackjack Hint 3. Double-Down if you have a hand of 10 or 11 and the casino has a 9< Blackjack Hint 4. Only split aces and 8’s

Step 2: Staking for success

While applying some basic blackjack strategy can help you battle against the dealer more effectively – it counts for nothing unless you use a similarly structured wagering plan. In essence – this simply means you should think about using a level credit value for all your blackjack rounds. This betting strategy delivers stability to your blackjack, and allows you to benefit from statistical gaming. In contrast, if you play blackjack with unstable stakes, you can easily destroy the benefits gained from playing strategically. Many blackjack gamers opt for a credit size of around 1% of their bankroll – such as a 1.00 credit size if your bank totals 100.00.

Step 3: Gaming regularity

The other important step for allowing your strategic gaming to impact your blackjack success, is to play with a degree of regularity. Because all blackjack gamers will hit periods of luck and poor fortunes, it’s important to try and even things out. So – try and play a few blackjack sessions per week for several months to gauge the effects of strategic gaming.

Step 4: Compounded betting

While compound blackjack betting is by no means a necessity to playing the game, it can help casual gamers build-up nice bankrolls from a small budget. Compound betting is really just betting with a set percentage of your bank. For example, if you start with a blackjack bank of 50.00, you may decide to gamble with a credit size of 0.50 (0.50 at the start of each round, rising to 1.00 liability as and when you place a double-down or split bet). If you managed to increase your bank by 50% or 100%, you may decide to increase your credit value accordingly (such as 1% of your bankroll per credit). Compound betting is particularly recommended if you’re gaining success by playing blackjack with strategy.

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