Slot Spinning Consistency

Slot machines are top of the online gaming charts – with literally millions of spins being made every week. However, what tips and strategies can you use to try and win more frequently while chasing the mega millions jackpot?

Slot tip basics

Whether you choose to play classic slot machines with kitsch themes and graphics, the latest hi-tech video slots or go for millions on the progressive jackpot games – spinning with some simple tips can give you an edge over gamers who just use random game-play.

Manage your risk

Always remember that every spin is based on chance – and if the gaming gods aren’t with you during a session, there’s little you can do about it (except grind your way through). So – to avoid blowing your bank with bad spins, use a sensible weekly budget and never bet with higher spins to chase losses!

Slot spinning consistency

If you play slots on a regular basis, there’s little doubt that you’ll get lucky but also hit poor sessions. However, by using level spin values, you can avoid the chances of getting lucky with small stakes and then boosting you stakes and getting unlucky (a sure-fire way to lose in the long run!). Spinning with level wagers is the best way to maximize your hopes of defeating the slot machines.

Slot strategy

Slot games are machines of random luck – you can always predict that the games will payout around 95-98%, and deliver huge jackpots – but there’s no real science or strategy for knowing when it’s going to happen! As a result, strategic slot gaming is all about using logic to try and manipulate regular winning sessions. For instance – one popular slot gaming strategy is known as the profit lock systems, outlined below:

  • Set a session profit and loss target/limit (such as 5-10% of your slot bank)
  • Your goal is to spin for your profit level as fast as possible, and then quit
  • Medium payout slot games may offer the best payout: win ratio for making modest profits quickly

In theory, if you can become proficient in yielding a small but consistent profit from slot gaming sessions, you could potentially build a very healthy slot bank. Serious slot players have been known to compound their spin value when their bank doubles (such as spin with 1.00 with a £100 bank, and 2.00 with a £200 slot fund). Of course, slot gaming is always down to elements of luck, so there are no guarantees – so take you winnings regularly if you start getting nervous!

Author: admin-musicperson