Slot Machine Instant Fun & Rewards!

Slot machines are the tops when it comes to instant fun and reward potential – but it goes without saying that you’ll maximize your fun, bank safety and extend you slot machine gaming by playing with some discipline! What’s more, playing with sensible spin values doesn’t equal boring! Check out the slot gaming tips to turn yourself into a ‘pro’ slot player.

Slot Tip 1: Weekly budget

Always use a sensible stop loss limit when playing slot machines (cash you can afford to lose). Chasing losses is crazy when playing slot games, and will lead to long-term losses! So, set a limit and you’ll always end-up a happy gamer!

Slot Tip 2: Level stakes slot gaming

Although you can play slot games with random stake levels – it’s much more sensible and potentially profitable to game with level stakes. For example, if you set a weekly limit of £30, then you may want to play with a spin value of 0.30. Although playing with a higher bank percentage is tempting – if you hit a bad run of spins you can quickly reach your limit. The slow and steady approach wins the day. In addition, by using the same level stakes on all machines and during every session – you can avoid hitting bad sessions with high stakes, and hitting cool combos with pennies!

Slot Tip 3: Compound you bank and skim your winnings

When should you increase your slot machine bet level and when should you take your winnings? It’s a question that’s baffled gamers for decades, but the solution is to do both at the same time! For example, if you double you slot bank – you could consider withdrawing half of the profit, and keeping 50% in your slot bank to fund your gaming. In addition, you can lever your stakes by playing with compounded spin values (for example, wager 0.30 when your bank is £30, and wager 0.50 when your bank is £50 and so on. Some gamers have used this strategy to turn small banks into impressive winnings.

Slot Tip 4: Payline activation

Understanding how multi-payline slot machines work can mean the difference between landing thousands and winning nothing with a spin! Essentially, most multi-line slots are triggered by using a high coin number. For example, a 20-line slot machine may have up to 20 coin options (spin with 1-20 coins). Each extra coin activates a new pay-line, meaning you win if you match a combo on the line. However, if you spin with 5 coins (lines 1-5), and you hit the jackpot combo on reel 6 – you won’t win! Because of this fact, many serious slot gamers suggest novice gamers activate as many paylines as possible, in preference to playing with one or two high value coins.

  • Spin value = £2
  • Spin 1: Activate 20 paylines with = 0.10 x 20 = £2
  • Spin 2: Activate 2 paylines with = 1.00 x 2 = £2

The only advantage of playing with a high value low pay-line strategy is if you are lucky enough to strike a win on an active payline, because payouts are based on the coin value. Tip -activate all paylines with low stakes and gradually build-up your coin value as and when you bank allows it.

Author: admin-musicperson