Online Roulette Top Tips

Is roulette playable with skill? The answer is yes and no. Firstly, real casino gambling skill is all about getting an edge over the casino, and methods like card counting are proven to give pro gamers an edge of around 1%. In roulette, there’s no real way to analyses the spins to guide you’re towards making specific bets at certain moments. So, with no genuine skill – where can you look for a gaming advantage over the casinos? The answer is with roulette ‘systems’ – the potentially risky but very effective methods used by thousands of casual and hardcore online gambling advocates. Check out the ratings and instructions for the two most famous roulette strategies:

Martingale system

Roulette ratings:

  • Ease of use: 9/10
  • Risk: 8/10
  • Potential profits 8/10


  • Bet on even money roulette selections
  • Place 1 credit on your selected table segment (such as £5 red)
  • Bet loses: Press + to increase your wager level to 2 units, and re-bet on your first selection
  • Bet wins: When you win, return to instruction 1
  • You must double-up after all losing bets, unless you have hit your stop loss limit

Labouchere system

Roulette ratings:

  • Ease of use: 7/10
  • Risk: 7/10
  • Potential profits: 8/10


  • Get a pad of paper and jot down a line of numbers (many roulette gamers use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Do a quick sum – the first number plus the last in the series (1+6 = 7)
  • Bet on an even money selection, with the calculated unit total (such as, 7 credits on black or odds)
  • Bet wins: You can cross off the first and last numbers, and write a new series (2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Bet loses You must add on your loss to the series (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
  • Simply repeat the steps above until the numbers have been completely eliminated

Managing risk with online roulette systems

Roulette gambling can be risky, and while betting on even money with progressive systems gives you the supports of statistical power, it does not guarantee success! For example, even money wagers like red and black have almost 50% chance of winning. So, as you can imagine – the odds of losing with red/black 6 times in a row is very low, but it can occasionally happen! The key to success is to bet with discipline, so you’ll be ready to protect your bank as and when the luck’s against you:

  • Play roulette with cash you can afford to risk losing
  • Use a sensible starting wager, to fit your bank size (such as 1%)
  • Set a stop loss bet limit; such as return to 1-unit stake if you lose 6 bets in a row
  • Scoop off 50% of your winnings when you double your bank
  • Get gaming with free bonuses until you’re proficient enough to play with your own cash

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