Online Casino Guide

Online gaming is well over a decade old – and as it matures the options in online casino sites are becoming increasingly advanced, creative and cool! Powered by super gaming software like Microgaming and Playtech, which provide best online slots, the high-end casino destinations are worthy replicas of casino cities like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. Check out the power of online casino gaming, their skill kudos, and of course – their infamous bonus offers.

New generation casino power

Online casino gaming quality has been at a high level for several years now, but the latest generation of casino software has really taken gamer aback with its sheer brilliance. The tables now look so seductive and smooth that you feel like VIP Vegas big hitter every time your surf through the doors. What’s more, they play just as beautifully, respond to genuine skill and are good enough to be satellite venues for qualifying rounds for the big offline championships!

In the jackpot and leisure sector, things are even more impressive. The new gen video slots like Tombraider Secret of the Sword, look and feel like hybrid video games, while progressive jackpots such as the award winning Major Millions, can deliver million dollars plus payouts! Add in new innovations such as live slot contests, interactive bonus features and 98% payouts, and it’s easy to see why casino gaming is growing ever more popular.

Casino skill gaming

Some online casino niches such as parlour gaming, slots and jackpots – are essentially all down to chance and luck. However, the real-feel casino table games, such as roulette, blackjack, poker, craps and the hybrid delights of video poker – can respond with a real bite to skilled gaming. Beating casino games is by no means easy or guaranteed, but it is possible – a fact proven by many full time pro’s surfing around the web.

Fortunately, there are also countless systems and strategies designed for casual online casino players – and with free bonus offers and low stake levels, there’s never been a better time to try some out.

Bonus casino offers?

With more than 100 reputable online casino websites on the internet, today’s gamers are most definitely not short of bonus offers! In fact, you can instantly find up to 1000.00 credits free with no deposit bonuses, and often up to £100 plus with deposit based bonus offers. Bonus cash is great for all levels of gamers, however the risk-free no-deposit casino bonuses are considered particularly advantageous, because you can blow the casino’s cash with zero risk!

How To Apply Casino Strategies

If the credit crunch has started to put a dent in the style of your leisure time – than online casinos are probably one of the best ways to return it to its former glory, without breaking the bank. However, like any gambling pursuit, casinos do have the potential to be a high expenditure environment – so check out our tips for playing online casino games with extreme fun and affordability.

Casino staking and budgeting

The best way to start playing online casino games is to think of them just like any other leisure option – for example, like video gaming, the cinema, bowling, clubbing or socializing. In essence – you’d expect to pay for entertainment in all these activities, and it’s the same with casino gaming.

By approaching the casino as a pure leisure activity, you’ll avoid the ‘must win’ mentality, which is risky! Essentially, set yourself a sensible weekly budget (cash you are happy to spend on hours of fun and) – and make sure you never exceed it! The best way to ensure you stick to your gaming budget is to define a ‘level stake’ amount, and divide you weekly budget by the wager size.

For example, if your max weekly casino budget is £50, and you decide to game with a stake level of 0.25, that leaves you with 200 bets (50/0.5 = 100). So, for instance – you could play 2 casino sessions per week, with 100 bets in each session. Naturally – setting a budget does not mean you will lose all you cash in the casino. In fact, this makes casino gaming a big advantage over comparative leisure pursuits, because with luck, skill and strategy you can get some, all or big amounts of cash back, in addition to hours of fun!

It’s recommended to game with the same wager size at all times (the exception being if your skill level and bank rises, permitting you to boost all your stakes). This simple casino tip will ensure you don’t get burnt by bad luck when playing with bigger stakes, and prevents ‘chasing losses’ with big stakes!

Casino gaming frequency

Playing casinos frequently is considered preferable to playing randomly, or with a low frequency. The reason is simple the concept of ‘luck’ – and specifically, finding you fair share of it! Every online casino games have a slight casino edge, and deliver average payouts of around 95%. However, ultimately – casino games will go through hot and cold sessions, meaning even skill gamers will go through good and bad gaming sessions! By playing regularly, you boost your chances of finding a balance of luck, with is likely to increase your casino prospects. Of course, if you’re simply playing for leisure in the casinos – then as long as you play with the budgeting tips above, then you can really play whenever you feel like it.

Casino gaming strategy application

Games like slots, bingo, scratch cards and keno – are simply down to luck. Every time you play – you have a chance of getting lucky and winning casino payouts worth pennies to literally millions (correspondingly, level stakes gaming and activating all the pay lines is the only strategy needed). However, if you opt to play casino tables games such as video poker and blackjack – start gaming with ‘basic strategies’; simply rules sheets that will instantly help casual gamers minimize the house advantage (you can find them for free on the web)

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