Online Blackjack Basics & How Not To Play

Here’s how to play blackjack with the strategic intent that can instantly make the game more fun and more rewarding – and potentially make the casino wish you’d never turned up at the table.

Blackjack basics – how not to play!

Blackjack has a basic aim; to form a high ranking hand score, without exceeding 21 and in turn beating the dealer’s combo and taking the cash and the kudos. However, the simple rules mean that many players simply game with one basic goal – to hold and discard cards to form a hand they’re happy with, but not statistically sure about (in other words, you have a decent combo and are guessing you’ll beat the casino). However, this gaming approach plays straight into the casino’s hands, because it allows them to benefit from blackjack’s in-built edge. In fact, while this ‘off the cuff’ approach can potentially deliver some winning sessions – in the long-term you’ll end up losing.

Basic blackjack strategy – the fundamental edge

Playing blackjack with zero ‘real’ strategy makes no sense, whatever your gaming level. What’s more, since applying the basics is hardly rocket science – you literally have statistical power at your fingertips. The concept of basic blackjack strategy comprises the fundamental blackjack betting rules that can be used to produce optimal basic returns. In effect, blackjack strategy removes the guess work about when to Hit, Stand, Double Down and Split – significantly enhancing your prospects when you play regularly over a long period of time. Most gaming experts agree that although basic blackjack strategy can’t remove the concept of the ‘casino advantage’ over the gamer, it can go a long way to minimizing it – often as low as 0.5-1% when strategy is applied correctly.

Total blackjack strategy novices can even get gaming with a diluted version of classic blackjack strategy – with the scope to limit the casino’s edge to around 1.5%.

Blackjack Tip 1. Hit until you hand is 17 or over, or soft 18, and the dealer has 7 or more
Blackjack Tip 2. If the dealer up-card is 6 or lower, hit until your combo scores 12 or more
Blackjack Tip 3. Double-Down if you have a hand of 10 or 11 and the casino has a 9 or less
Blackjack Tip 4. Split aces and 8’s – don’t split other hands

Even if you’re a casual blackjack gamer playing a few sessions per week – these tips give you instantly more chance than playing strategy-free, not to mention giving you more intrinsic entertainment and classic gaming appeal.

However, once you’re ready for better results – simply pick-up a full print off, of a basic blackjack strategy chart. If you ever get to the stage where you can apply the perfect basic strategy at will (without referencing the chart) – you could be ready to experiment with card counting and more complex blackjack strategies. So – in effect, it doesn’t matter if you’re a leisure gamer or hold pro level aspirations – always apply a form of basic blackjack strategy!

Online Blackjack tables

Blackjack is one of the most popular table casino games both in real casinos and online their popularity is due mainly because of the its simplicity, you can learn blackjack within a few hours and even if you not that good you still have a chance of beating the house.

The basic objective of blackjack is to draw cards until your hand adds up to twenty-one without going over twenty-one, this why it is also called twenty-one, there are a lot of variations to blackjack with different rules and strategies however the basic principle remains the same.

Today casino themed parties have become popular because they are fun, exciting and very entertaining, all you need to do is to get a lot of money play for, invite your friends over, set up a couple of tables with different games, find some people willing to be dealers and you all set. Blackjack is a great party game simply because many people know how to play it; blackjack tables are becoming popular as more people begin to appreciate the pleasures of blackjack.

Blackjack tables are not that expensive and if you don’t have enough money to buy a professional blackjack table you can alternatively go for a professional blackjack set that includes a felt layout that you can then spread on another table. You can also buy a six deck card shoot, and then find someone who is willing to deal the cards, and you and your friends can have an exciting casino party.

Every blackjack player would like to own a quality blackjack table but before you buy one there are some considerations worth making, for example you have to consider were you are going to put it, space plays an important part in this decision if you don’t have any space then you can go for the folding tables that can be folded and conveniently stored away until they are needed again. blackjack tables are quite beautiful and can be used as a furniture item, and most of the manufactures of blackjack tables go to great lengths to ensure that their products meet everyone’s needs.

Blackjack tables allow you to enjoy blackjack without going to the casino, blackjack tables help you recreate a little bit of Las Vegas in the comfort of your home.

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