Feel The Instant Thrill of Roulette

The instant thrill offered by the latest deluxe online roulette tables is one of the most enjoyable forms of casino entertainment available. However, while spinning with fate is fun – beating the casinos is potentially much more rewarding! While some casino gurus will tell you the table can’t be beaten – thousands of others claim otherwise! In fact, according to some experts, roulette is a game that anyone can play strategically, if they’re willing to take some elements of risk and play with good discipline. Check out the online roulette systems that claim to have casino crushing power – plus the tips for making them work for you.

The fundamentals of roulette systems

Roulette is not a skill game – but it is a game that can be played with systems designed to manipulate the odds. The reason is simple – ‘even money betting’, like red or black. These bets don’t quite have a 50:50 chance of winning (thanks to the casino’s green segment) – but they’re the nearest thing to a level playing field as you can get when gambling in the casino. The odds of a specific even money selection losing more than 6 times is a row is seriously low, and while it can happen, this fact makes progressive even money betting strategies very attractive to roulette gamers.

Martingale gambling

Ease of use *****
Risk: ****
Potential profits ****

  • Bet with 1 credit on even money
  • If you win, quit the chain/re-start with 1 unit
  • If you lose, bet again with double stakes (2 credit)
  • Keep betting double until your selection wins/you quit

Labouchere gambling

Ease of use ***
Risk: ***
Potential profits ****

  • Start with a line of numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 is suggested)
  • Place a 7 credit wager (the sum of the first and last series numbers above)
  • Win – mark off the first and last series numbers (2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Repeat the processes above until you eliminate the chain

Roulette system discipline for success?

Roulette strategies are promoted as ‘guaranteed’ payout systems, but you need to use caution. Statistically they’re amazing, but if you hit unlucky sessions, you’ll need to quit to prevent bad losses. However, if you can play smart, the systems really have been known to deliver frequent payouts and long-term fun and rewards.

  • Use bonus offers to try roulette systems for free
  • Quit after a pre-defined number of losing wagers (6-8 is usually used by serious gamers)
  • Start with a low credit value – don’t be greedy
  • Don’t push your luck – aim for a sensible profit and quit when you’ve made it!
  • There are no guarantees so play with cash you can afford to risk losing (leisure money)

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